Sunday, June 11, 2006

loneliness and eternity
sometimes I feel that I am the only human in the earth and there is no creature except me.Why? Did you have this feeing up to now?Often we laugh with our friends, we play with them, we go to different parts and we are happy,but all these joys are for a short time and again we feel loneliness. Why?Where is real relaxation?Who can comfort us for ever?
Sometimes when I think about God I get to this point that when he crated me and send me to this world he gave me every things. He put in my bag every things that I needed, he gave me sun for getting up, he gave me night for sleeping, even he gave me some bread for eating. I had every things and this had made my problem. My around was crowded. I could look for a butterfly from morning to night. I could account all stars during the time to finally I pass my time.But my god why sometimes I like to go under a tree and start crying? Why sometimes I feel I am alone in the world? Why sometimes anyone can not hear my voice? My God!you gave me everythings that I needed but still I need a thing that I can notfind in my bag .I search everywhere, I ask everyone obout this, but anyone can not answer to me. Why? Why did you send me to this world with different and kind people who are beside me just for a short time? Why everythings pass easily and quickly?Why they can not be with us for ever? Why beauties are not eternal? WHY?My God!you
forgot to put eternity in my bag. I need it.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Just a Moment

Today I ask for just a moment, each day we seek guidance, protection and comfort for our friends and families, each day we search for happiness but today...
I ask that you pray, pray for strenght, pray for understanding, pray for health, joy or serenity pray for peace or pray for victory.
But most importantly...

Stand beside me today and pray for an answer. An answer to put an ended to the anger and voilence. An answer to comfort the hearts of so many in pain for without an answer, more lives will be lost, more tears will be shed and we will not find peace. So please take just a moment, a moment to pray with me, together we might just make a difference!But we don't take a moment...
To make an effort , ask your friends for just a moment pray with you.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Laugh a While
Ben:Did you hear about the new dance called elavaror?
Mike:I sure didn't!What is it like?Ben:it has no steps!

Teacher:What do letter B.C mean?
Pupil:Before Calculators.

Customre:When I bought this cat, you told me he was good for mice.He doesn't go near them!
Clerk:Well, isn't good for mice?

Jack: I got an anonymous letter.
Joan:From whome ?

I Came To Say A Word
My spirit is to me a companion who comforts me when the days grow heavy to me; who consoles me when the afflications of life multiply.
Who is not a companion to his spirit is an enemy to people. And he who seems not in in his self a friend dies despairing. For life springs from within a man and cmes not from without him.
I came to say a word and I shall utter it. Should death take me ere Igive voice, the morrow shall utter it. For the morrow leaves not a secret hidden in the book of the Infinite.
I came to live in the splendour of Love and the lihgt of Beauty.
Should they put out my eyes I would listen to the songs of love and the melodies of beauty and gladness. Were they to stop my ears I would find joy in the caress of the breeze compound of beauty's fragrance and the sweet breath of lovers.

And If I am denied the air I will live with my spirit; for the spirit is the daughter of love and beauty.
I came to be for all and in all. That which alone I do today shall be proclaimed be for the people in days to come .
And what I now say with one tongue, tomorrow will say with many.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The First Day of School
How beautiful childhood is! I myself whenever remember my childhood mistakes that I made I start laughing. I cried for every things even for going to school. The first day of school remind me my own fear to go to school and hiding in an old bath. It is a sweet and touchable memory in my mind.It was 1371 when I was 7 years old and like other children I had to go to school for the first time. My parents were so happy because I had grown up and I was going to learn new things but I was not happy because I was so afraid of school. Even such words such as "teacher, class and exam" gave me stress. My father had eagerly bought some stationery for me but whenever I saw them I started crying and shouting. My parents were so worried about me and tried by telling some sentences such as "school is a good place, you can write your name, and you can find new friends and..."satisfy me to go to school but again I started crying until I was full of stress. My mother had made ready every things for me but I was so afraid of going to school even I could not sleep till something came to my mind "Escape". Yes it was the best way for getting rid of school so with this plan I fall asleep.
Next day when I got up my mother had made me breakfast, she was so happy but I was full of stress, "teacher, exam, punishment, lessons"! WOW! I didn't want to go to school. While I was putting on my clothes I was thinking about my plan "Escape" but where was the best place to escape to? Again I became worried, where could I escape to? While I was thinking my mother called me:" come on, it's too late, you should go to school".I couldn't eat my breakfast so I took my bag and sat down in the car. Still I was crying, my face was red, I was looking out the window of the car. Every children were going to school, some happy and some like me with tearful eyes. Finally we got to school, in front of the school was crowded; all children had came with their parents, one of their hands was in their mothers' hands and in the other a branch of beautiful flower. While I was crying and watching them, we had to go in our rank. My father kissed me warmly and came back to home, and again I started crying. While children were in their ranks and master was speaking. I didn't waste the time and with red and tearful eyes ran out of the school. I didn't know where I was going to. I just ran until I got to an old public bath. I was gasping, without any pause I ran into the bath. I wanted to hide myself so I looked for a suitable place until I found an old room where was full of black pipes.
Immediately I hide myself behind them, while I was trembling, I put my head on my feet and started crying. Suddenly an old man came into and put his hands on my head. I was frightened but when I looked at him I started crying more and more. He was a kind bath keeper who had came for repairing some pipes. Unfortunately he recognized me so he asked me the reason of my crying. When he found out that I escaped from school he started laughing at me and brought me out of the room. My clothes and scarf were black and dirty, it was so funny. While he explained me that school is the best place and there is no reason for fearing he returned me to school. On the way to school he bought a box of sweet for me and said to me that how much he liked to go to school but because of short money he couldn't go to school. Again I started crying but this time I didn't cry because of fear, I cried for that man, because he couldn't go to school. When we got to school I promised to him that don’t cry and don’t escape from school again.
That day was the best day in my life, now I am 21 and I am a university student. How soon the time passes.Now whenever I pass that bath and my elementary school I remember that day, those sweet and that kind man, although now he is died he is in my mind for ever.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

IS Housework Degrading?
"washing floors, cleaning the house, cooking meals and etc."Houseworking";what a borning job, I don't like it, any one doesn't help me, it is too trivial to even talk about." These are a woman's complaints who thinks housework is degrading. What do you think?Is it really degrading?
Statistics show that 82/7 percent of women in Iran are considerade inactive and 17/3percent of them are considerade active. While most of women in Iran are housewives these statistics show that society don't consider housework as a valuable job. Why? Is it really unvaluable?
If you ask people what their idea is about houseworking, you will become surprised because nost of them think that houseworking is just woman's responsibility, while it is not true. women like to appeare in society and have social activities. It is their right to have time just for themeselves, so it is not true to think that housework is just woman's responsibility, while. If we help women in the house we will see better results and everythings is done in the best way.
Of course you must bear in mind that it is woman who must trust on her abilities and beleive herself and knows not only houseworking is not a degrading job but also it is valuable job and it is very important in society because they make house a place full of relief and friendship.
So, althogh houseworking is a repeated job that is done day to day, it is not adegrading job. The only thing that is important is cinsidering every job as a value. If you consider houseworking as a degrading job it becomes degrading to you and it seemes too boring for you.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


India,unique cultural heritage

It was very interesting for me to hear about a country that still has preserve its traditions throughout history, a country with rich culture that echoes tradition in its culture and brings past to now and becomes the largest democracy in the world. Yes, India;my favourite country and the second- most populous in the world, the only country that I like to travel to, not only because of its beauties but also because of its rich culture that atract me.

As awhole the name of india is originated from the Old Persian version of sindhu, the historic local appelation for the River Indus. The constitution of India and common usage also recognise Bharat, as an official name of equal status, but its third name, hindustan has been used since the twelfth century, though its contemporary use is unevenly applied.

Geoghraphically India has a coastline of over seven thousands kilometer borders Pakistan to the west, the People's Republic of China, Nepal, and Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east to the east. In the India Ocean, it is adjacent to the island nation of Srilanca. India is the seventh- largest country by geoghraphical area and has one of the most diverse populations of wildlife,geoghraphical terrain and cimate systems found anywhere in the world.

"As a whole India as second most populous country in the world has 28 states, 7 territories and 22 official languages, including the official national language, Hindi, and English which is widely spoken. After decades of intensive efforts to combat the widespread poverty, illiteracy and poor living conditions across the country, India's economy is today the fourth- largest in terms of purchasing power parity(ppp)and the tenth-largest in nomonal terms. "

India with its rich culture has managed to preserve its traditions throughout history whilst absorbing customs, traditions and ideas from both invaders and immigrant. Many cultural lpractices, languages, customes and monuments are exampels of this co-mingling over centuries. some famous monuments like Taj Mahal has been inherited from the Mughul dynasty.

India is also famous because of having some festival which are celebrated in different parts of India. The most popular celebrations in India are the Hindu festival of Diwali, Holi, Pongal and Dussehra and the Muslim celebrationof Eid which each of these festivals are celebrated in a unique style.Of course in India every season has its own special festival, for example the birthdays of gods and goddesse, saints prophets, great historical happening and the advent of the New Year, all find expression in colourful festivities. Usually during these festivals people clean and decorate houses and exchange gifts to each other, as a whole they try to be happy and enjoy themselves.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Co-education is one of the subjects that there are different ideas about it. We have both girls and boys in families and there is no problem, but what about education? Is co-education good or not?
Some people believe that mixing of the sexes in education is natural. In their opinion when boys and girls be educated under the same roof they will have politness in their behaviour, some people think when boys and girls face to each other they will try to show their personality in their behaviour, so they will be more polite. Moreover when boys and girls attend together the classes they will find confidence and will dare to talk to each other so they can express themselves easily and in this way their shyness will be diminished.
One of the other positive point in co-education is effect of it on learning. Some people believe competition is more between the sexes than rivals of the same sex, moreover girls attend schools more than boys so boys can use this as motivation.
Co-education has another positive effect that is related to society. some believe if each sexes educated differently nad girls and boys be seprated from each other some intracting skills will be lost, furthermore co-education enables invastigation to be made into the characters of boys and girls, the different environment and subjects they may need. Also co-educational experience make marriage the best, because if man and woman have known each other they will have a better life in future.
Other opinons about co-education are different. Some people believe girls nad boys should be seprated. In their opinion mixing oe the sexes in education has many problems wheather in learning or in behaviour and society.
Some beleive co-education cause girls and boys don't show their feelings easily and also make them feel uncomfortable in classes, in their opinion when girls and boys attend scahools, they will have stress and this make them don't ask their question easily.
The other negative point about co-education is that some people think educationally some subjecs are necessary for one sex which are not suitable for the other, so it is hard for teachers to explain some subjects easily.
The last negative point about co-education is its effect on society because some people think mixed school are more expensive to run than those for one sex only, furtheremore girls usually mature faster than boys, educationally both girls and boys together create an imbalance and make many problems in their growing up.
So there are many different ideas about co-education. Some people think it ios good for girls and boys to be familiar to each other and learn different skills from each other and some beleive mixing of the sexes in education make them to diminish their feelings and also make them don't have concentration on lessons, so depending on persons anyone has his own idea.